Thursday, August 29, 2013

Here's the new front door.

A week from tomorrow this becomes home. Or at least where we'll be living for the next year.

The new 'hood. 

The outer edge of Bushwick...described as:

All kinds of creative types have been filing into Bushwick and a considerable amount of trendiness is trickling in from its ultra-hip neighbor to the west, Williamsburg. New dive bars, bodegas, and gallery spaces continue to flourish, fueled by the intrepid movers and shakers that are pouring into Bushwick’s converted loft spaces. Although Bushwick is busy reinventing itself, a somewhat grungy heart still beats beneath its remodeled exterior.

How does a 60-something couple having spent 30+ years in suburban Connecticut move to  the above from the below? With two shar-pei. And why?

Well, there's this place to try.

and this.

A commute to Times Square that goes from 2 hours each way to 35 minutes. Two sons within 20 minutes. And the opportunity for re-engagement and reinvention. My theatre life.

Life's funny that way. If anyone had ever said to me when I was living happily at 21 W. 58th, NYC (former guest apartments for the Plaza Hotel with a kitchen that had been the luggage room), "let's get married and move to Stratford, CT," I would have said, "What are you out of  your mind."

Lordship, CT became and always will be the shared home for our family. Ken, Zeb, Eli and me.

As we leave, a good friend reminds me that "home is where your story begins." And can be where it is continued.

It's important to remember that you can have change without transition but you can't have transition without change.

But sometimes life's not linear or what we expect. 


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