Friday, April 1, 2011


Today I fell in love with our house. 

Or, more specifically, some of the features that Ken has built in and the renovations that he designed.  As well, as the decorating we've done to make a contemporary interior out of a traditional cape.

This came after a day of fretting over the dogs and how they might adapt to city life.  No door to open to allow them to scamper into the backyard or a deck to sit on to watch the squirrels.  I keep telling myself that the dogs aren't the reason not to do this - which is absolutely true - but they will be included in the challenges and compromises of finding a new place.  They do have some city characteristics even though they don't know it.  The regular walks, 2-3x a day, something that many suburban dogs don't get, their backyards being their entire universe.

So, on this drizzly, grey evening, as I left the house well lit by lamps and candles for a showing, they and I went to the beach, not another soul in sight, and they had a good old romp while I searched fruitlessly for more sea glass.

We came home.  Two of us had duck jerky.  The other, after a round of mat Pilates, has poured a Friday night martini.

And then it became clear.  Yes, I do love what we have made of this house.  Completely and absolutely.  But, what I don't love (or even like) anymore is yard maintenance, snow shoveling, weeding when I'd rather be reading or at a museum.  And not having time with Ken on our rare shared days off because we're both too busy with "the house."

This family has always been at it best when working together on shared goals.  A change might just be the thing.


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  1. Lovely, and I believe your John (Kathryn has a John as do I, strange eh?) will be able to transform any place as will you as beautifully.